At First American Bank you have the ability sign and submit documents with an electronic signature. Open a document from the list below, fill it out, save it, then return to this page to submit using the Electronic Signature (eSign) Form Submission document below.

Electronic Signature (eSign) Form Submission

Please read and attach your document to the following form to electronically sign and submit to First American Bank. If you have any questions, please contact John A. Fisher at 239-963-3507.

Fill out the document at your convenience, save it, and electronically sign and submit when complete.

To submit your document with an e-signature, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click on the Click to Attach File Attachment 1 box
  2. Locate the saved document on your computer and click Open
  3. Click in the Signature field to fill in your electronic signature
  4. Type the Email address to which you want the submission email sent

A signed paper copy of the document is not necessary: the process can all be completed at your home or office.

An electronic copy will be sent via email to First American Bank and to your email address.