At First American Bank we understand what it takes to run a successful practice. We offer healthcare providers financial service options that can supply you with the technology needed to improve your practice productivity, increase your bottom line and ultimately improve your patient experience and quality of care.

Healthcare Professional Program

Our Healthcare Professional Program offers a market-leading platform of financial services specifically designed for you or your practice.

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Equipment Financing

Financing that can help you replace current equipment or provide additional services for your patients.

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New Physician Mortgage Loan

A home loan option with unique terms and conditions tailored to physicians currently in residency or practicing physicians within two years of residency.

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Purchase or Refinance My Practice

Loan options that can help those looking to expand their current space, start a new practice or purchase real estate or a physician buy-in.

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Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity loan that can be used for things such as remodeling a home, buying a new vehicle, paying off higher interest debts and more.

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Aircraft Financing

We specialize in aircraft lending for healthcare professionals. Whether you are looking to finance, refinance or complete upgrades to an aircraft, we can help.

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