Meet Our Staff

Our team of wealth advisors are knowledgeable, experienced and whole-heartedly committed to providing you with articles and advice on the latest issues and topics of concerns including: investments, trust, retirement planning, estate and charitable planning and business succession planning.

  • Susan Ahlers Leman

    Susan Ahlers Leman

    Market President | Senior Trust Officer

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    Susan specializes in helping high-net-worth individuals and their families feel confident about the handling of their financial assets, including retirement, gift, and estate planning. She also works with nonprofit/endowment/charitable institutional clients. Susan holds a BA Honors Degree from University of Iowa and a JD, with high distinction, from the University of Iowa, College of Law. She holds a Certified Wealth Strategist© designation.

  • Beth Wurth

    Beth Wurth

    Assistant Vice President | Assistant Trust Officer

    515-440-6912 | Contact Me

    Beth is primarily responsible for providing fiduciary services for trust accounts, as well as administering investment management accounts and IRAs. Beth earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting
    from Iowa State University.

  • Karol Mauk

    Karol Mauk

    Vice President | Administration and Compliance

    515-440-9878 | Contact Me

    Karol is responsible for account administration and compliance. Karol has 34 years of experience in the wealth management business working primarily in the personal trust area including five years as a regional compliance officer. Karol has managed trusts, agencies, estates, and IRAs for high net worth clients.

  • Jessica Martens

    Jessica Martens

    Trust Administrator

    515-955-0679 | Contact Me

    Jessica joined First American Bank Private Wealth Management in 2014, bringing with her experience in accounting and customer service to her position. Jessica primarily focuses on account administration of individual and institutional investment management accounts, IRAs, irrevocable trusts, and estates.

  • Jessica Davie

    Jessica Davie

    Administrative Associate

    515-955-0603 | Contact Me

    Jessica is responsible for providing administrative support to trust accounts, investment management accounts, and IRAs. Jessica earned her Associate of Arts degree in Accounting and Financial Services from AIB College of Business.

  • Rohan Greaves

    Rohan Greaves

    Administrative Associate

    515-440-9843 | Contact Me

    Rohan is responsible for providing administrative support to trust accounts, investment management accounts and IRAs. Rohan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Finance from Grand View University.